La CRM de la CRM

Data moves through the world in numerous forms. In the most basic form data is all around us from the flora and the fauna to simple conversation. This information is passed on through word of mouth. Historically speaking this mass of data has passed down through generations, creating and building cultures.

Said data continuously transmogrifies, adapts, and is interpreted or misinterpreted. Improvements to the data are added over time and we have arrived in what is the most civilised society in our tumultuous history.

Innovation for CIO's


The role of the CIO has changed in recent years; the IT department are now expected to drive innovation across the business. Yet, in a recent study, more than half of CIOs participating felt that technological change is happening too quickly for them to keep up. However, it’s easier than you might think.


With modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, you can:


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