Are you a 21st Century Business?

The world has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Imagine seeing people walking around looking down at a screen on the old brick sized mobile phones with the aerial poking out to double its size.

Yet walking down the high street today everybody is looking at a slick handset barely paying attention to their surroundings. The age of the smart phone is with us and companies and finance systems have duly responded.

Are you a 21st Century business?

Data Integration for Sage 200 – Reaching a Single version of the truth

Today’s business environment requires applications that talk to each other, share data and provide a single data source.

A lack of connectivity between Sage 200 and your other business applications could be causing your business significant problems. Such as, time delays between manual processes, repetitive data entry, lack of communication between departments and increased errors and running costs.

Why put up with inefficiency when there is a simple solution? Integration

Integration can:

4 ways integrating your systems will help you achieve your goals

Disparate systems are often a major issue for organisations and can lead to: lost time, errors, unreliable & inaccurate information. Caused by a lack of visibility through the different systems and the duplication of efforts.

Integrating systems using a program such as IMAN, can be a very effective way of alleviating these problems and massively improving the way you use your systems to achieve your goals.   


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