The Sage 200cloud Help Series: Managing Deferred Transactions

The Acuity Sage 200cloud support team take a large volume of calls on a daily basis and understandably there are a number of questions and topics that crop up on these calls consistently.

This particular guide will support you through managing deferred transactions within Sage 200cloud.

So let's tackle this from the start - why do you have deferred transactions?

Sage 200cloud has controls in place based on Accounting Periods set. These will be set to CLOSED / OPEN / FUTURE. If a transaction is entered in Sage to a Nominal Ledger period that is marked as FUTURE the transaction will not post to the Nominal ledger until the period is open, until then the transaction will show as deferred.

Example below: Within the Sales Ledger Transaction inquiry screen highlighting a transaction and selecting Nominal from the drill-down selection we can see the location shown as deferred. 


A full list of deferred postings can be seen in NOMINAL LEDGER > Deferred Waiting Transactions List

What's next?

There are 2 options for maintaining / posting deferred transactions with in Sage 200cloud, these are to MOVE or POST.

Move deferred postings

This will move the date of all deferred transactions from any date to the date specified on the screen (The date can be no later than the end of the last open accounting period within Sage 200cloud) and place the status of the items as WAITING.

Post deferred transactions to the Nominal Ledger

To post the transactions to the nominal ledger the financial period the transactions are for, this must be open within Sage 200cloud.


Highlight the NL future period you wish to Open and Select “Change Period Status” **


** If the option to change period does not highlight then you do not have access and will need to discuss access rights with your System Administrator.

NOTE: Deferred postings may also be in a future year, to open future year periods the financial year end will need to have been completed first.

Update Waiting Postings

Depending on the system settings, the deferred postings once a period is open post automatically to the NL, however if they do not the system will place the items in waiting postings. To update waiting postings select:

NOMINAL LEDGER > PERIOD END ROUTINES > Update waiting postings, Click on OK to complete.

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