Sage 200cloud Help Series: Disconnected Logins

The Acuity Sage 200cloud (formerly Sage 200) support team take a large volume of calls on a daily basis and understandably there are a number of questions and topics that crop up on these calls consistently. 

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Disconnected Logins

It’s a well-known fact that all computers crash. Irritatingly this can often lead to all sorts of issues and unsurprisingly the same applies to Sage 200cloud.

So what should you do in the face of such devastation? Should you lean forward and scream at the offending hardware? Perhaps that’s not the worst idea.

However, let us stick to Sage 200cloud.

When a Sage 200cloud instance has been abruptly ended (whether on a PC or via a remote connection) a disconnected login will be held in Sage 200cloud for auditing purposes.

You will most likely become aware of the fact when attempting to run Sage routines which rely on users having closed all associated forms or windows.

A message similar to the following will appear:


In order to correct the system you will need to clear the disconnected sessions. This will set you on your way to resolving the user locks. To do this, simply navigate to Accounting System Manager.

Then onto System Utilities,

And finally to User Login Status.


The disconnected logins can be selected individually or in bulk by using standard windows ctrl/shift key functionality. They will appear in the top panel from the screenshot above.

Once they are selected click the log off button to clear the selected logins.

This should result in everything returning to normal.

Having said that, please do note that if there are repeated and specific user entries there could be a PC issue that needs to be assessed further.

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