An interview with Mark Robinson, Chief Marketing Officer at Kimble!

As part of our Innovation series, I'm delighted to be sharing the following discussion I had with Mark Robinson, Kimble's Chief Marketing Officer. 

When we adopted Sage Live (now Sage Business Cloud Financials) into our portfolio, we quickly identified and understood the value the Salesforce Eco-System offered in terms of connected best of breed applications model and the significant value this delivers to customers.

In the past 24 months we've worked on a wide variety of projects with the Kimble team in the Professional Services industry.


ML - Mark can you tell us a little of the history behind Kimble?

'Kimble was founded by David Scott, Sean Hoban and myself in 2011. Previously we all spent decades in the consulting industry, growing firms.  In those days, we did the classic of writing our own in-house solutions, cobbling together spreadsheets and packaged solutions.  But we never found a solution which was aimed at solving the problem of helping scale a consulting business.

The systems that were out there were very focused on the back office – telling you about how you’d performed historically. But we knew that when you are growing a consulting firm it’s more important to know what is happening in the future: what skills are hot and what are not, spotting what projects are going off the rails and fixing them before it’s too late.  So when we sold our consulting business in 2010 we decided to build a system that could help fast growing consulting firms scale their business – to give them the information they needed to make decisions, decisions that can positively impact their performance. 

Seven years later hundreds of customer organizations rely on Kimble to run their business operations, ranging in size from 10 to over 6000 people.'


ML – How is the Kimble solution supporting Professional Services businesses?

'Kimble helps professional services businesses to grow and scale while reducing the administrative burden. We were delighted that our customers voted us top for customer satisfaction and time to value in the G2 Crowd Winter 18 Grid Report.

Kimble unites the sales, resourcing, project delivery and finance processes in a services business. More than 200 customer organizations now run their quote to cash process using Kimble, creating quotes, matching supply with demand, resource management, project management and profitability, time and expense and invoicing.  We then integrate with products like Sage and Salesforce from a CRM perspective.

Kimble comes with a configurable out of the box capability that is underpinned by a best practice framework. Customers grow faster and more profitably because they adopt both the technology and the best practice processes that are built into the product. Benefits of introducing Kimble PSA include: more accurate forecasts, proactive resourcing and improved risk management.'

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ML – With the world constantly looking for innovative solutions, what are Kimble’s plans?

'Kimble has a dedicated team of developers who constantly improve the product, utilising the latest technology. Last year, Kimble released the world’s first Intelligent PSA. Augmented Intelligence is now embedded in the product, surfacing patterns in the data and offering insights which improve business performance. These insights coach and prompt people to take the right actions; they give visibility to business leaders and enable issues to be dealt with as soon as they arise. Now Kimble has gone one step further with exclusive diagnostic analytics. This powerful feature allow managers to explore gross margin and how revenue and cost trends affect it. Then, at the next level of detail, it shows how utilization, average rate, resource count and number of business days impact the revenue trend. This is typically done across a timeline six months into the past and six months into the future. This helps managers to steer the business in the right direction.'

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ML – How is your ecosystem evolving?

'You might have seen our stylised underground map which shows the processes we support.  We pride ourselves on being PSA specialists with 100% of our R&D being focused on being the best in class PSA solution.  A key part of our strategy is to partner with other best of breed solutions covering other functional requirements, whether that be Salesforce for CRM or talent management solutions like Sage People.

We were delighted to be awarded Sage’s highest accolade for ISV partners – “Rockstar” status in 2017. This award is for Kimble’s integration with the Sage X3 product and made Kimble available through all Sage X3 resellers and integrators. This accentuated Sage’s already-strong relationship with Kimble.

On the accounting side our customers have a myriad of solutions appropriate to their business including many flavours of Sage solutions.  We also partner with consulting firms to recommend and implement Kimble and this of course is where Acuity comes in.

Last year we also launched Kimble Community, an add-on module taking advantage of Salesforce Community Cloud. That helps our customers to build stronger collaborative relationships with their customers.

At Kimble, we are expanding our customer success team and have increased our presence in London  and the USA, where we have expanded our Boston office. We also announced a new partnership in Australia and New Zealand.'


ML – any final thoughts to share?

'I would recommend that whatever PSA solution you select, pick one that can scale with you.  Make sure you find a solution which can grow with you. You don’t want to have to buy another solution when you get to a certain size.

Also I would say, be aware that technology doesn’t deliver better business performance by itself. Remember, whatever software you buy for whatever purpose it is only as good as the behaviour it drives.  Think about the outcomes you want to drive. Introducing PSA may be an opportunity to overhaul your business processes and move your focus to the road ahead.'



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