Shaun Le Roux joins the Acuity Team!

Here at Acuity, we are excited to announce that Shaun Le Roux has recently joined the team as our new Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Consultant. Having years of experience with Sage Business Cloud Enterprise (formerly Sage X3), we are looking forward to the knowledge and experience he will bring. I wanted to take the opportunity to hear Shaun's views and visions for Acuity.

Our Graduates to be certified in Sage Financials and Salesforce!

Continuing our blog series on our new graduates, today, we will be discussing what they have learnt so far at Acuity and what they believe their biggest challenges will be. The graduates were given an objective to become Sage Financials and Salesforce certified within their first 90 days. 

Q We have set the objective that you will be Salesforce and Sage Financials certified within the first 90 days, what do you perceive to be the biggest challenge and what have you learnt to date?

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Help Series: How to create a bank

As with my previous blogs we are going to tackle an issue that is raised often with support.

This guide aims to provide an easy way to create a bank but will not discuss each and every option, tick box and field available on each tab. Instead, it is for you to find an existing similar bank that you could easily copy.

Go to Common Data > G/L Accounting Tables > General > Accounts

Bank 1

Introducing our Graduates!

Here at Acuity, we have recently recruited 4 new graduates for our graduate programme. Over the upcoming weeks we will be finding out more about each of them and their experience at Acuity so far.

Today, we will be finding out a little bit our graduates and why they wanted to join Acuity. 

Introducing...Abisha Rasanayakam 

The Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Help Series: Using the Prepayment Posting Function

Introducing our Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Help Series where today we will be discussing how to use the prepayment posting function.

When you need to allocate an invoice to a payment made in advance, be it a supplier or customer invoice, Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management (Formerly Sage X3) allows you to settle the invoice using the Prepayment Posting function.