Sage 200cloud Help Series: Sales Order Processing - the removal of rights to take orders & invoices off hold

Introducing our new help series where each week, we will be releasing a blog on each of the Sage products we offer. This week we will be discussing Sales Order Processing on Sage 200cloud (formerly Sage 200). 

We have had a number of calls on Support where users can override the credit hold, on invoices and orders.

To remove this ability – firstly, the option needs to be adjusted, as per the screen shots below.

Teamwork, Integrity, Enthusiasm & Innovation...our 4 Acuity Values!

We have been running our Human's of Acuity blog series for a few weeks now and I have noticed a theme in the answers from my colleagues around this question, 'In your opinion, what make’s Acuity different?' where most if not all have spoken about the people and the working environment  we have here. 

Here at Acuity, we have 4 values that we work towards and use every day, these are...

Teamwork, Integrity, Enthusiasm and Innovation.

Innovation at Acuity - Sign up to our next 14 Webinars

At the begining of July we will be launching a new program of weekly webinars for our customers and for anyone else that may be interested. 

This program will cover Sage 200, 300, X3 and even Excel so please do have a quick read through of the timetable below and make a note if you would like to attend.

In the week before each webinar I will send out an email with a link to the webinar and a summary of what it will entail to our customers.