Sage 200cloud Help Series: Sales Order Processing - the removal of rights to take orders & invoices off hold

Introducing our new help series where each week, we will be releasing a blog on each of the Sage products we offer. This week we will be discussing Sales Order Processing on Sage 200cloud (formerly Sage 200). 

We have had a number of calls on Support where users can override the credit hold, on invoices and orders.

To remove this ability – firstly, the option needs to be adjusted, as per the screen shots below.

Sage 200 Help Series: How do you refresh data in a BI report?

In order to run a BI Report, you will first have to create a new Data Warehouse using the Sage 200 BI Admin utility, which you will find in All Programs > Sage Tools > Sage 200 > Sage 200 Business Intelligence as below:


Once open, you will see listed the name of the company you want to create a warehouse for. To create it, click on that company, and click “New Warehouse” button. 


Sage 300 Help Series - General Ledger Year End

After my last blog where I focused on the '49153 error', I decided to focus on year end in Sage 300. Hopefully the below is helpful.

You'll need to start with backing up your data.   (You can do a dB dump of the database)


When you are ready to process in the new year you need to make sure the year has been created in the fiscal calendar as per the screenshot below:

Sage 200 Help Series: the Spooler

Where’s my Report?

A common call to the support line for new and old users of Sage 200 is “I’ve printed XX report and nothing is happening” the usual reason for this is that Sage is newly installed / re-installed and no selection has been made to the output mode, as a default the system will set the output to Spooler

What’s the Spooler?

This has been available since the early days of Sage Line 100 and allows users to choose 1 of 3 defaults for the output option when creating any Printable items

Sage (X3) Help Series: Reversing a Payment

As with our other help series blogs, I have focused on an issue that is fairly common on support. Hopefully this helps and do feel free to get in contact with myself or any of my colleagues if you would like any more information. Always happy to help!

If you have ever discovered you've made a mistake on a payment which you've already posted, this is how you solve the problem:

To reverse a payment in the A/P-A/P Accounting module, open the payment you need to reverse and choose the Options> Accounting Cancellation