Vicky Browning joins the Acuity Team!

Here at Acuity, we are excited to announce that Vicky Browning has recently joined the team as our new Internal Sales Manager. Vicky has 23 years of Account Management experience so we are looking forward to the knowledge and experience she brings. I wanted to take the opportunity to hear Vicky's views and visions for Acuity. 

The Account Management Team: Knowing Our Customers

Knowing Our Customers

I have recently joined the Acuity Account Management Team. This is going to allow us to concentrate on understanding our customers in a much greater capacity.

As mentioned in the previous Account Management Blog  we are currently broadening our solutions portfolio and will be conducting research to understand each business and its operations to the fullest- the aim of this is to allow us to contact the right people with the right information.

Account Management Update

As the Acuity Account Management Team, we believe that there are four pillars that create successful, meaningful and trusted relationship between our customers and our business . These are: Communication; Expertise; Activity, and Product.