Sage Support

Sage Support

The smooth running of your business is, to a large extent, dependent on the smooth running of your IT systems. The cost of downtime quickly adds up, so insuring yourself against this eventuality makes perfect business sense. 

Insurance you really do need

At Acuity we provide a range of support services to ensure that you can rely, day in, day out, on your mission critical IT systems. We’re not only here to put things right should they go wrong but with our Sage software support portal we can help to pre-empt and where possible, prevent system failures altogether. At the same time we will work on your behalf to maximise the value you get from your IT.

The following is an example of the applications and services Acuity supports.

Acuity’s Sage Software Support

Acuity provides consultancy, telephone and remote support on :

•    Sage Line100/MMS 
•    Sage 200 Extra
•    Sage 300 (formerly Accpac) 
•    Sage X3 
•    Sage CRM 
•    All Associated Add-Ons & Third-Party Applications 
•    Technical Services Support 
•    Telephone and Remote Support
•    On-site/Call-Out Support
•    Support Consultancy Visits

Please contact us on 01932 237 110 to further discuss Acuity’s Sage services as a support provider and any specific business support requirements you may have.

Acuity Support Features

With Service Level Agreements tailor-made to meet your specific requirements, you will have access to unlimited support provided by our dedicated help-desk team of fully accredited, multi-disciplined product and technical specialists.

On or off-site

We recognise that you will want the fastest possible response times coupled with the highest level of Sage support services. Our remote support package removes the need for on-site call out time and charges, keeping your costs down and your systems up and running.

Know where you stand

Whenever you contact us with an issue we will make sure we know everything we need to, right from the start, so that we can help you as speedily as possible.  Whatever the issue, our team will follow it through to its final resolution assisted by our Sage software support portal. This ensures that we maximise the uptime of your IT solution.