Account Management

When you choose to buy a solution from us we want it to be the start of a long and productive relationship. That’s why you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. Their job is to make sure that we continue to understand your business and as such provide the best support possible.
In order for this transition to happen smoothly there will be a handover once your project has been completed between your account manager and project manager that has been your point of contact thus far.

Building strong relationships

Every one of our account managers has extensive experience in technology. Day in, day out they are working with a wide range of customers in different countries and industries. The knowledge they gain from this will help you to take full advantage of new ideas and technological developments, keeping you ahead of the competition.

An extension of your team

We want you to feel as if your Acuity account manager is an extension of your team. They will visit you for regular account reviews to keep track of how everything is going and ensure you’re happy. They will also be available for more informal catch-ups. Whether you have a specific issue, or simply want to talk about the future of your business and how we can help, your account manager will be on hand. 

Get to know our team

Whilst your account manager is your key contact, they will not be the only person you get to know at Acuity. Our support team works very closely with the account management team, so you’ll get to know everyone that works on your account.