Sage Live is a revolutionary product in the financial systems world that removes the barriers between front and back office. Built on the Salesforce platform allowing for one version of the truth from sales and financial data in real time.

The Sage Live & Acuity Partnership

With more than 600,000 people starting their own businesses in the UK every year small and micro business is hugely significant in our economy. In this millennium there is a 40% increase in micro enterprises. In this climate it’s important to have technologically advanced finance systems supporting growing companies. Sage Live is unique in that it is built on the Salesforce platform and as such it, uniquely, combines the front and back office. This makes it perfect for quickly moving, agile and fast moving businesses. Acuity works closely with the Sage team to ensure that every prospect for Sage Live gets the best possible solution for their particular requirements.

"Simple and clean - that's what I like the most! It's made my life easy and allowed me to focus on the rest of the business safe in the knowledge that our finances are running smoothly. This is thanks largely to Acuity having a very consultative approach."

- James Foulkes, Managing Director, Kingpin