Sage 300 2014

  • by Marcus Leathwood - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 00:00
The latest version of Sage 300 has been developed focusing on you, the customer, incorporating your feedback and needs into their enhancements.
 The new Sage 300 2014, features a modernised user interface with improvements to the main desktop and throughout many application screens. A redesign of the icons and alignment of the desktop navigation tree, to the Microsoft standard, provides a familiar yet improved overall user experience.
 Additional enhancements have been made to the data entry screen including the addition of required field’s indicators increasing ease of use.
 Visual process flows have been modified and capabilities expanded to permit users to add external links making data entry more intuitive.
 The User Licence Management Utility provides system administrators with the capability to view active Lanpak users without logging in to see which users are accessing modules/ screens. Enabling you to free up user licences and maximise your return on investment.
Enhancements have also been made to:
•    GL Transaction Listing- allowing users to print a report that spans multiple fiscal years and periods.
•    Serial Numbering- an optional feature has been included increasing control in the system by ensuring that users who incorrectly attempt to assign the same serial numbers to multiple items are unable to do so.
•    Bill of Materials- when creating an assembly, the default Bill of Materials (BOM) will be assigned automatically as the user enters the item number. Users can reassign BOM’s as needed.
•    Purchase Orders- the ability to track the original user who entered a Purchase Order, improving operational efficiency and audit trails.
 The development and availability of new mobile and cloud applications also provide the potential to drive better customer experiences via connections such as Sage Mobile Sales, Sage Mobile Services and Sage Billing and Payments.
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