2 Cloud or not 2 Cloud? We asked the Questions. Here are the answers.

We recently held a Seminar on Cloud Computing focussed around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software in conjunction with Sage UK. The event was held at the Institute of Directors (IOD) on Pall Mall, London and looked to unravel the facts and fiction that are presented each day regarding the Cloud and offer simple suggestions on the choices and options available; Does one size fit all? Is there a greater freedom of choice?
The morning seminar, which was well attended by over 60 Directors, was opened by Cloud industry analyst, Lindsay Smith from EuroCloud. Lindsay’s presentation included a look at the ‘7 Threats of Cloud Computing’ and a ‘3-minute PhD on Cloud Computing’. Other key factors to consider included Virtualisation, Multitenancy and IaaS, PaaS, SaaS – which was very cleverly, explained using a reference to Pizza! View the slides
Another interesting note raised was that Cloud Computing isn’t like the measles. It’s not “you’ve got it” or you haven’t. It’s something you can adopt gradually, integrate and take advantage of.
Sage UK Managing Director, Steve Attwell then took to the floor to explain Sage’s vision of Customer freedom of choice . Sage’s Chief Technology and Information Officer Stuart Lynn also delivered a fascinating presentation demystifying the jargon around ‘the Cloud’ and Sage’s strategic plans for the future.
Acuity Managing Director Lee Whelan later joined the panel revealing his top tips on selecting a Partner to work with on ERP selection focussing on customer freedom of choice.
This is something we really try to drive home to our Customers at Acuity. We understand that every organisation is different and we want to offer the right service and solution (and deployment method) to the broadest spectrum of customers, whilst giving each customer the freedom of choice to make the right decision that’s best for their business.
The morning closed with a live Q&A from the audience in which questions about Security were raised. You can view Sage’s guide ‘Why Cloud’ for an easy to understand explanation of the Cloud including tips and expert advice on what to look for and how you can protect your critical business data.

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