2 Cloud or not 2 Cloud

Whilst working in the technology sector over the past decade the debate around the pros and cons of cloud solutions has come up time and time again. 

CIO's and CFO's more often than not drive in different directions and my own judgement has been swayed depending upon where I have worked and which solutions I have been responsible for marketing. Today my gut feel is that we should no longer look at a cloud vs. on premise debate, instead we should focus on freedom of choice and the ability to support ‘the customers’ need. 

Although the adoption of cloud services has been growing rapidly it would appear that the uptake in the ERP sector has been limited. Research presented by the Aberdeen Group provides some great insight around this and highlights organisations willingness to consider the SaaS deployment model for their ERP implementations.  

Key Takeaways; Functional Fit?, Can you support the system?, How Big & How complex?, Do you believe Security is a concern?, How much time do you have?, How do you want to pay?, Will you employees adopt it?

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